Past Events

Discussion with Ahmed Asif, Cloud Architect at Microsoft

6:00pm EDT • 21 OCT 2020

On Wednesday October 21st at 6pm we will be having a discussion with Ahmed Asif, a Cloud Architect at Microsoft. Ahmed is gracious enough to spend one hour going over his experiences in the tech industry, which include:

⭐ Taking a hackathon project and running it as a startup for 7 months (with funding)

⭐ Leading a team of interns at IBM

⭐ Being a product manager intern at Blackberry

⭐ Architecting Microsoft Azure solutions at scale

We will be hosting the event on Google Meet (link will be posted the day of!), so please come ready with your questions 😀

Introduction to Git (Workshop)

4:30pm EDT • 13 SEP 2020

Git is the brains behind GitHub and is a powerful tool for managing code on your machine. In this workshop, participants will set up Git on their computer and learn how to use it to interact with GitHub. Hosted by Wal Wal.

Learn to Build on the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (Workshop)

3:00pm EDT • 13 SEP 2020

Cloud computing has drastically changed how businesses provide and consume technology. Come out to this workshop to learn all about cloud computing, and then publicly deploy your own website on the internet using AWS! No prerequisites required. Hosted by David Liao.

Discord Community Game Night

8:00pm EDT • 12 SEP 2020

Join us for a some video games such as League of Legends,, and more! The games that are played will be decided by the community on Discord.

Kotlin: like Java but so much better (Workshop)

12:00pm EDT • 12 SEP 2020

What makes Kotlin the 4th most loved language by developers? Find out in this workshop that will explore the features that make Kotlin a concise, powerful, and smart language. Please install IntelliJ (linked below) before the attending the workshop. Hosted by Derek Ellis.

Download IntelliJ IDEA

Movie Night on Netflix Party

8:00pm EDT • 11 SEP 2020

Join us for a movie! The movie will be announced on Discord.

Netflix Party Extension

Discord Social Night and Networking

7:00pm EDT • 10 SEP 2020

A virtual social on Discord! Join us in our voice chats to talk and network with other hackers in the community.

Internship Info Panel

6:00pm EDT • 10 SEP 2020

A Q&A session where participants will have the opportunity to ask their internship-related questions to seasoned co-op students.

Introduction to GitHub (Workshop)

8:00pm EDT • 9 SEP 2020

GitHub is the defacto tool for collaborating on code in the industry. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create and fork repositories, write proper commits, create Pull Requests, all in the browser. Hosted by Wal Wal.

Academic Info Panel

7:00pm EDT • 9 SEP 2020

A Q&A session where participants will have the opportunity to ask their university-related questions to 3rd+ year students from Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Computer Systems Engineering.

Online Town Social Hangout

7:00pm EDT • 8 SEP 2020

Online Town. Allows participants to chat and meet one another in a virtual physical space.